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Ojo! More Disasters are Ready to Happen in the Middle East

You do not have to be an insider, a foreign policy expert, or a political pundit to realize that theUnited States, Israel and Saudi Arabia are preparing joint military actions against Iran and Hezbollah.
Is the Keynes Investment Multiplier Actually a Divider?
A careful and complete examination of Keynes' investment multiplier and the contradictions concerning it is required. If analysts cannot refute the presented arguments, then the "multiplier's" significance may have to be re-evaluated.
Bringing Peace to the Middle East
In attempting to bring peace and stability to the world's regions, the United States and its allies have proceeded from one premise - first wage war. After survivors clear the battlefields, peace and stability remain fragile. Perpetual war has become inevitable.

Optimizing the Federal Corporate Tax Rate
Corporate tax antagonists have chased the wrong rate. Rather than assuming lower rates mean higher GDP, they should determine a rate that most benefits the entire economy.

Russia Defrosted - Is Russia a Threat to World Peace?
A three-part article describes Russia's role in the cruel world.
Part I - Russia and the United States' presidential election
Despite statements from U.S. intelligence, from what has been disclosed until July 2017, Russian meddling in the U.S. 2016 presidential election has been greatly exaggerated and even less than what would be expected.
Part II-Is Putin's Russian government silencing critics?
Unsubstantiated rumors and false information in many reports on deaths of Russian dissidents reduce credibility of their link to Putin's administrations and create doubts to the veracity of similar reports.
Part III-Is Russia a Threat to World Peace?
No matter what Putin's Russia does, it will be viewed as a cold, icy, and heartless lump of land that preys on its neighbors and causes misery to their world. Apply a little warmth, defrost the ice and Russia has another appearance.

Simplified Proposals to Resolve the World Conflagrations
Part 1 - Democratic Republic of North Korea

From Pyongyang to Kabul, Damascus, Sana'a, on to Tripoli and in scattered parts of Asia and Africa, U.S.policies for containing violence have been counterproductive and intensified conflicts.
Part II - Syria
Enable the Syrian government to feed, clothe, and succor its people, and they will stop fighting. What harm if the government survives, if, in the end, it ends the wars, decisively defeats ISIS, and save lives? Is there any other proven and more acceptable choice?
Democratic Socialism or National Socialism

By running Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders the Democratic Party prevented a ideological challenge; did the American public favor Democratic Socialism or National Socialism?
Does Israel Exist as a Nation State?
Present diplomatic arrangements are incongruous with composition of the state of Israel.
CHAOS - The Coming State of America
Abraham Lincoln engineered stability from chaos; Donald Trump might turn stability into chaos, with some states petitioning to succeed from the Union.
Divide and Subdue - United States' Castration Policy
Is it not contradictory that European nations and the United States fought wars to maintain unified nations and now motivate other nations to split apart?
ART OF THE DEAL - Resolving the Syrian Conflict
Assuredly, there is a deal and a scenario for finally resolving the Syrian conflict and bringing peace to the Syrian people.
Putin vs. United States Administrations
It is clear that President Putin's Russia has, except for Syria, only interfered in conflicts that involve the rights and privileges of Russians in neighboring countries.
New Direction for Resolving the Middle East Crisis
Oppression of Palestinians has moved beyond measures to relieve their plight. Countering the severe persecution is an international cause that considers the dangers to all peoples from Israel's posture -- breeding terrorism, nurturing conflagrations, and enhancing possibility of a nuclear war.
Silencing anti-war warriors
From rice paddies of Vietnam to olive trees of Palestine
Similar to the peace movements during the Vietnam War, the peace movements throughout the continuing Middle East strife have failed to accomplish their missions.

Alternative Insight attempts to be evolutionary and revolutionary. Articles do not become obsolete but are part of an evolutionary process with past articles remaining relevant and their content playing a role into the future. The revolutionary thrust invites novel thinking - reacting to a conventional thought that often proceeds from spurious reports, which lead to conditioning and acceptance of dogma.

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Since the end of World War II, United States' foreign policy can be identified by one word: Counterproductive: producing the very result the action was meant to prevent. The failed military action in Vietnam best represent this ongoing policy.

Often starting with false assumptions and spurious facts, policies produced catastrophes and remained unresolved.The incessant wars for "freedom" turned into killing fields. Wars produced wars and counter-terrorism produced more terrorism.

While trying to structure its own world order, the U.S. remains unaware that it is enabling a new world structure, steered by China and other Asian nations This emerging world structure favors Statism, a mix of government controlled and free enterprise policies; a socio-economic system the U.S. rejects and is indirectly nourishing.

Policies, wars, conflicts, and nations who challenge US exceptionalism are examined and discussed. The past remains relevant and serves to predict the future. With it all, a lingering question: Will US foreign policies ever become positive?

The Foreign Policies
Proposals to Resolve the World Conflagrations.
From Pyongyang to Kabul, Damascus, Sana'a, on to Tripoli and in scattered parts of Asia and Africa, U.S.policies for containing violence have been counterproductive and intensified conflicts
Part 1 - Democratic Republic of N. Korea
Part II- Syria

Silencing anti-war warriors-From Vietnam rice paddies to olive trees of Palestine.
Similar to the peace movements during the Vietnam War, the peace movements throughout the continuing Middle East strife have failed to accomplish their missions.
Now that Syria is destroyed it is Time to Save it
Are actions of Syria's Bashar Assad responsible for Middle East's problems or are actions of Saudi's King Salman and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu most responsible?
Divide and Subdue - United States' Castration Policy
European nations and the United States fought revolutionary, civil,and foreign wars to maintain unified nations and now motivate other nations to split apart?
ART OF THE DEAL-Resolving Syrian Conflict
Assuredly, there is a deal and a scenario for finally resolving the Syrian conflict and bringing peace to the Syrian people.
Plan to Defeat ISIS: Putin to Rescue - Redux
As part of a plan to defeat ISIS, a calculating Putin who discards losers, promotes winners and wants to end the conflict is unlikely to continually support an Assad led government.
From bin Laden to Baghdadi -- Making the World Safe for Terrorists
An inept war on terrorism has been a bonanza for those who seek a new world order that features Radical Islam as a prominent force.
Get Them Out - Those who cause the endless wars
Unless those who engage in the war against ISIS can "get them out," the campaign against ISIS will always be in doubt.
Politicization of U.S. Foreign Policy
Distinguishing between foreign and political policies will be a forward step in post World War II America.
Failures of U.S. Foreign Policy - 1946 to July 2016 (long article)
United States foreign policy after World War II often failed to accomplish its objectives and behaved counterproductive.
New Statism-Rise of Corporate States
Prophetic- A new statism controls several nations and has potential to control the destiny of the world.
Politics of Dismemberment (2008)
Making others less, makes you more.
Mutual Destruction (2006)
U.S., Israel and Iran-trinity of destruction.
Making the World Safe for Terrorism
Confusing objectives of a War on Terrorism with global objectives complicates the War.
The Politics of Starvation

Economic warfare - a policy that can silently crush an adversary without firing a shot.

The Division of Ukraine
Mindsets of East and West
Europe is being remapped to stop at Russia's western border, while creating a new Asia that ranges from Shanghai to St. Petersburg.
Putin vs. United States Administrations
Putin's Russia has, except for Syria, only interfered in conflicts that involve rights of Russians in neighboring countries.
When in Trouble, Sanction
Why does Washington use sanctions, an unlikely route to a desired result and one that harms its own interests?
Who is in Charge of the Madhouse?
If comments by U.S. officials and media guide U.S. policy toward Ukraine, its time to ask: "Who is in charge of this madhouse?"
Kiev - Last Stop on the Road to Russia
Ukraine crisis sheds new light on the origins of the Cold War and post War arrangements.
Crushing Vladimir Putin
Media appraisal reflects State Dept. attitude.
Gulag Revelations
An intrepid researcher documents a portrayal of the Soviet labor camp system.

And the Loser is Iran

Netanyahu's scenario follows a pattern of using American lives and clout to further Israel's interests and decimate adversaries.
Should Israel be forced to relinquish its nuclear arsenal if that assures nuclear weapons are not proliferated in the Mid-East?
Refusing to Understand Iran
Debates do not provide a clear definition of Iran's position in the international battlefields.
The Spotlight on Iran Darkens the World
Maintaining Iran in a line of fire contributes to the widening of the Sunni/Sh'ia divide.
I Ran from Iraq and I Rack up Iran
U.S. Policies encourage terrorism.
U.S. Policies Motivate Iran to Go Nuclear
When the US sent the Enola Gay to drop "Little Boy," it neglected to plan for a major concern; how to prevent nuclear proliferation.

Soviet/Afghan War from Soviet archives

Revelations from the Soviet Archives
Understanding Pakistan

If Pakistan were Homo sapiens, it would have gone bonkers a long time ago.

The Arab World in Conflict
Reconciliation of Sunni and Sh'ia (2008)
Peace in the Middle East depends upon reconciliation between Sunni and Sh'ia.
Saudi Power
The Saudi kingdom can be the poster child for a Middle East that contains despotic governments and deprives its peoples of basic human rights.
Misconception to Quagmire
: From Sudetenland to Syria land
ISIS must be stopped and so must the U.S. administration's defeating strategies.

The Foreign Wars
Comprehending North Korea

Comprehending North Korea's behavior will start softening North Korea's aggressive posture.
Origins of Korean War from Soviet archives
An Interpretation from the Soviet Archives
The Tale of Two Koreas
Films explain Korean war

NATO Conquers Libya

Those who regard NATO's attack as preventing a massacre are as naive as those who believed that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
Misshaping the Middle East

The Libyan example
The U.S. Bombing of Libya
Part I = Historical From Soviet archives
Part II - A personal Narrative

Iraq From 2001 to 2011
The Destruction of Iraq

Attempting to establish a regime that is partial to American interests, threatens the economic, cultural and social identity of a defenseless Iraq.
War On Iraq
A series of reports examine the Iraq war.
Coming Battle - Iraq's Kurdish Region (2007)
Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, the Kurds are stronger and more unified - but not enough.

From Conflagration to Disputation (2005)

Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq
Who Destroyed Yugoslavia? (2005)
The Serbs Speak

A Modern China Rises

Does a rising China signify the end of American dominance?
Tiananmen Square Confrontation
Eye witnesses contradict media reports on the Tiananmen incidents..


United States domestic policies are often
patchwork to recurring problems. By not recognizing the origin of problems, directions to solutions have been misdirected. The misdirection leads to constant discussion and irresolution of problems.

Early articles describe the stock market manipulations leading to eventual decline and the lack of resolution of social security problems

These preliminaries lead to examination of the later economic crisis, predicted in some articles and made obvious in others.

The Paulson and Geithner attempts to rescue the economy are analyzed.The credit oriented cause of the economic crisis recalls that Ronald Reagan's policies started the government and trade deficits.

The U.S. is headed towards one of two solutions -War cometh before the fall or the Socialization of America.

Still to be recognized - Government deficits are not the problem, the current account deficit is the principal problem.

The Tax Deception Exposed
It can be shown that lowering income taxes may not benefit the economy. Exposing the fallacy of a rash assumption might silence Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform.
True Meaning of Profit
True meaning of profit shows that capitalism is an antiquated economic endeavor in its use of profit; other economic systems can incorporate it for growth and enrichment.
Gross Att'tion to Gross Domestic Product
The GDP tends to be misinterpreted, ambiguously defined, and improperly used.
National Pension Plan Revisited
Why continue with a Social Security System can not be fixed, when a National Pension Plan tends to be more relevant?
Re-examining Productivity and Wages
Lowering prices as a function of productivity and maintaining wages enhance domestic production and employment.
Beware of Economic Textbooks
Economic education is dominated by theories that defy practical applications and applications that can not predict, prevent or ameliorate periodic economic crises.
The Battle for Income Equality
Those who foster income inequality and inequitable wealth distribution apparently want to prove that Karl Marx was correct.
Confusion About Taxes and Deficits
Policy makers are confused about the functioning of a system they try to improve.
Government Debt is not the Problem
Government deficits result from current account deficits.
Herbert Hoover and New Depression
Hoover's Depression policies deserve study in the economic downturn.
The Economic Crisis

Part 1-Does thinking drive recovery?
Is the administration only "patching up" a broken structure?
Part 2- Thoughts to incomplete analyses
Is Roosevelt era approach a model for resolving the present downturn?
Part 3- Towards a Solution
Public realizes it has been deprived to make others rich and famous.

Govt Debt - Resolving Economic Crisis
What is the significance of the debt?
Tulips of Stone (2004)
Global Debt Saturation - A Human Reckoning by Nigel H Maund
War Cometh Before a Fall
Declining economy and powerful military are incentives to war..
Economic Predictions (2008)
Graphs chart direction of U.S. economy and predict economic crisis.
National Debt - Free Enterprise Anti-hero

National debt has a decisive role in maintaining the welfare capitalist system.
Rescuing Free Enterprise
Relief measures for assuring continuance of the economic system are being exhausted.
Challenge of the New Statism
Adam Smith's name is not loudly spoken in world's central banks.
Money creation in the modern economy

By Michael McLeay, Amar Radia and Ryland Thomas, Bank of England
Deficit-Stop Deflation or Initiate Inflation
Will deficit spending stimulate hyper-inflation?
How Ronald Reagan Sank America

To be part of global prosperity, Reagan started the credit and deficit increases..
Trade Balance and Limits of Paulson Plan

Preventing banking system nationalization but not economic catastrophe

Health is a Socio-Economic Problem
A vital aspect of the health discussion
The Socialization of America (2005)
Several trends didn't favor the U.S. economy.

Social Security
Social Security's Path to Survival (2005)
A Solution in Search of a Problem
Social Security Debate (2002)
No solutions-just debates
Can Private Invest save Social Sec? (1999)
Social Security must be viewed in entirety and not solely by retirement fund.


While the world community debates a two- state or one-state solution for the Middle East crisis, Israel proceeds with its unilateral solution - one-state - a Jewish state.
Clearly described is the evolution of Israel's strategy and the maddening "peace process."

An original Zionism, rejected by the Jewish people seemed outmoded by World War I and became revived by the Balfour Declaration and establishment of the British Mandate.

President Truman reacted too late to the 1948 recognition of Israel. Incessant wars, conducted from pleas of defense and security needs while geared to enlarge Israel and subdue the Palestinians, have led to either completely vanquishing the Palestinians or a resolution by The Course of History.

The Jewish people are caught in a maelstrom that could evolve in its decline and massive destruction to much of the entire world.

Revealing The Real Israel
Does Israel Exist as a Nation State?
Present diplomatic arrangements are incongruous with Israel's composition.
Illogical and Irrational - The Route of the Middle East Crisis
Mayhem is due to the illogical, obvious to anyone who notes the irrational reasons for Israel's emphasis on the vanished Temple.  
Emergence of the Real Israel
Israelis have a national identity that is less than and more artificial than the Palestinians and not total trappings of a nation state.
Part I:Israel's actions compared to those of the Nazi State

Continuous Israeli attacks on the Palestinians have prompted comparisons between Israel's actions and those of the German Nazi state.
Part II: The Jewish Caliphate
A comparison between Israel as a Jewish state and the pretended Islamic Caliphate. This does not imply that Israel's operations equate with those of the more brutal ISIL.
Deceptive Route to a One-State Solution -- an all Jewish State
Israel's expansion must be stalled by confronting its propaganda, which gives sustenance to oppression.
The War of Narratives
Palestinians are thrust in an unenviable role - expose the contrived Israeli narrative and impress the world with their narrative,
Social and Econ Justice Precede Peace
Redress of injustices upon Palestinians may make negotiations possible.
Deaths of "no-state" Palestinians are Proportional to Life of Two State Solution
The mistakes in proposing "the only solution to the Middle East conflict."
Deconstructing the Israel Narrative
As Israel's democracy becomes questioned, its mystique becomes more exaggerated.
The Self-Destruction of Israel
Israel's strongest supporters are bringing it to destruction.
Tank Man and Rachel Corrie

Death of activist Rachel Corrie recalls a Chinese citizen stance before a tank squadron moving from Tiananmen Square.

The Face of Israel
Ashkelon Speaks-Story of the ME crisis

Ashkelon has a story. It is the story of the Middle East conflict.
The New Puritans
Is Israel the new Puritans?

The 1948 Recognition of Israel
Recognition was not as seemed.

The Wars
Ecstasy and Agony

Before people are vanquished, truth is smoked, reality is twisted and facts are discarded. Attack on Gaza relates that story.
Syllogism of Death
Explaining the attack on Gaza by logic, reveals a syllogism of death.
Israel's Wars
Analyzing Israel's wars from 1948 to 2012.
Is Gaza a Test Ground for Israeli Military?
Did Israel allow Gaza to fire missiles into southern Israel to test the Iron Dome system?
Gaza War
2006 attack on Gaza
A Turning Point In History

The 2nd Lebanon War turned history..
Face to Face With Hezbollah

Surprises at meeting with Hezbollah.

Israel and the Jewish People
Return of the Israelites
Establishing Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, does not create a Jewish state but replaces the Israel state with an association of communities who can debate what is being Jewish.
Manipulating the World to Destruction
Obama's voyage to Israel exposes the conditioning of the world community to acceptance of Zionist agenda.
The New Sicarii
Zealots continue to destroy world Jewry.
Does Israel Represent Jewish People?
Close identification of the Jewish people with Israel was never a given.

The Role of Jerusalem
Why Jerusalem? Israel's Hidden Agenda

Jerusalem and the Peace Process
Political Options for Jerusalem's Future
Breaking Point at Jerusalem's Highest Point
Israel's own extremists -- dysfunctional in thought, militant in action and distorting history and reality that Israel itself has created.
Part I: Brief History of Jerusalem
Part II: Heritage Perspectives

Part III: The Hidden Agendas
Palestinian Dilemma
Beyond the Palestinian Crisis
Part I - A larger conflict is now in process

Part II- Trajectory of Middle East Conflict

Palestine Museum of Natural History
The Palestine Museum of Natural History is testimony to the spirit, vision, and courage of the Palestinian people, to their need for ontological security, a sense of order and continuity in their experiences, and hopes for their future.
The Hamas Factor
Security measures were used to justify occupation and oppression. Now, one word, Hamas, is used for more of the same.
A Palestinian State Frees All
Recognition of a Palestinian state saves all.
Resolving the Displaced Persons Problem
Rather than being portrayed as victims, the dispossessed are often perceived as perpetrators
Who Speaks for the Palestinians
Palestinians lack cohesion to have unified voice.
Palestinian Nationalism

Palestinians want what peoples need for survival - a self- identity that derives from having a state.

The "Peace" Initiatives
New Direction to Resolve Middle East Crisis
Countering Israel's persecution of Palestinians is an international cause that considers danger to all peoples -- breeding terrorism, nurturing conflagrations, and enhancing nuclear war.
Jewish Voices for Peace
A clearly expressed Americans for Peace is needed, in which organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace and other religious and ethnic organizations are only subsidiaries.
The Sepoy Mutiny and the Middle East Peace Process
Explaining Israel's growth of and predicting its future solicits comparisons between the Zionist adventure and previous historical episodes.
Course of History will resolve the ME crisis
An inexorable course of history might speak for everyone and resolve the Middle East Crisis.
Turbulent Winds of Annapolis Peace Conf.
A voyage through Middle East capitals reveals truths that lack exposure.
Evolution of Madness (2000)
Peace process or forced treaty?

A Trajectory to Catastrophe
Part 1-Fate of the Palestinians

Part II-Fate of the Israeli Nation
Part III-Escape from Entrapment


Politics comes first in the United States, and unfortunately misshapes policies. Center driven direction prevents imaginative operations and leads to paralysis. The Neocons and their damage has faded, and given way to a new force, an Unholy Trinity that hopes to reshape America.

Democratic Socialism or National Socialism?
By running Hillary instead of Bernie the Democratic Party prevented a ideological challenge; did the American public favor Democratic Socialism or National Socialism?
CHAOS - The Coming State of America
Abe Lincoln engineered stability from chaos; Donald Trump might turn stability into chaos.
The Unholy Trinity
An Unholy Trinity intends to control U.S. foreign and domestic policies
Politics of Patriotism (2001)

Patriotism has dangers--stimulate virulent nationalism, prevent fruitful policy debates, and direct a nation into pain and sorrow.
Clinton's Legacy (2001)

One feature of Clinton's administration is the lack of a major unique initiative, such as Truman's "Marshall Plan," Johnson's "War on Poverty," and Reagan's "Reaganomics."
Empowering Terrorism (2003)
American foreign policy is based on false propositions and reinforced a world of violence.
The Dimming Light of the Neocons (2004)
Have the Neowrecks done permanent damage to the United States?

A Tale of Two Reparations
Part I-Reparations Victims of World War II
art II-Reparations for African-Americans
The Immigration Wars (2006)
Political correctness, catering to the Hispanic vote, Right vs. Left have replaced an intelligent and objective analysis of a major problem.



The conventional media play an essential role in conditioning the minds and shaping the thoughts and actions of Americans. These roles are described in several articles that challenge accepted dogma.

From the search to freedom, inaccurate reporting of domestic and foreign events to hate in America, a battle for minds shapes the thinking of American people.

The Search for Freedom
Escape From Freedom
A review of Eric Fromm's psychological analysis of freedom.
One Dimensional Man
Marcuse's examination of individuals in an industrial state.

Battle for the Minds
Part I - The Religious Politic

Part I I - The New Atheists

Lamarck Revisited
Inheritance of acquired characteristics gains attention

Tiananmen Legacy
Part I-Tiananmen Diary

The mis-reports of Harrison Salisbury's "Tiananmen Diary."
Part II-Gate Of Heavenly Peace
A PBS video gives a more credible account of the Tiananmen events.
Tiananmen Square Confrontation
Eye witnesses contradict media reports on the Tiananmen incidents.

Hate in America
The Agendas of Hate (2003)

The United States often produced hate as a part of plans to advance agendas.
The New Agendas of Hate (2003)
The present purveyors of hate are more subtle, less identifiable, and at times, unaware of their nefarious roles.

The Israeli Film "The Flat" Falls Flat

A highly praised Israeli documentary manipulates its audience.
Slumdog Millionaire
Heard about financial, medical, sport and government scams? How about a cinema scam? The Mothman Prophecies
A film shows that myths and symbols can lead to destruction.
Killer--The Kazahk Movie
From an obedient chauffeur to an obedient killer reflects social deterioration that accompanied lawlessness in states of former Soviet Union.

Why Only Darfur (2006)

Why aren't there campaigns against preventing the violence in Iraq and against Palestinians? Why only Darfur?
Unraveling of Darfur (2007)

Misperceptions of happenings in Darfur have delayed a solution to the conflict..

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