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Alternative Insight attempts to be evolutionary and revolutionary. Articles do not become obsolete but are arranged as part of an evolutionary process with past articles remaining relevant and their content playing a role into the future. Combating hype and conditioning by presenting an insight that is alternative to conventional media. Solving the world's problems, one article at a time.

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Last Nation Standing-Iran

Image courtesy of wartard.blogspot.com

Due to US aggressive tactics, the antagonists to Israel have fallen, and Iran is the last nation standing

Does Capitalism Mean War?

Add to the mix, the economic warfare that has decimated populations, and the question "Does Capitalism Mean War?" leans to a positive answer.

 The Legacy of Anita Hill

In Senate hearings for Clarence Thomas' nomination to the Supreme Court, Anita Hill's salacious testimony resulted in a degradation of the hearing process, and loss of respect for the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Is Anita Hill continuing that legacy with attacks on the character of former Vice-President Joseph Biden?

Whom Did Tax Reform Benefit?

Image courtesy of http://www.cfma.org

Characterizations of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act have followed agendas – its opponents maintaining it is a bill for the wealthy, and its supporters arguing that the bill fairly satisfies all economic levels. Whom Did Tax Reform Benefit?

Israel’s Nation State Law Transforms Sovereign States into Tribal Governances
The Middle East crisis is now a more intensified international challenge

Israeli Nation State Law has established Israel as an atavistic revival to a tribal form of governance, where borders and boundaries are not fixed, and extends to Jews in other nations


The New Politics of Starvation
An Updated Survey

Image courtesy of The Onion

President Donald Trump's use of the most vicious aspects of economic warfare prompt another examination of the politics of starvation.

Who Checks the Fact Checkers?
Misreporting The Mueller Investigation

Fact Check and Daily Beast trade agendas for facts and show why the Mueller investigation has been misreported.


Failure of Trump Tax Cuts

Image courtesy of Reuters

President Trump's corporate and income tax cuts enriched corporations, satisfied those already
employed and flush with money, and did little to stimulate the economy.



Talking Points
Combating Israel's Manipulation of the Media

image courtesy of ticklethewire.com
Battle to resolve the Middle East crisis cannot be won on a battlefield. It can be won by exposing media deceptions engineered by Israel and its supporters, and by actions that change Israel into a just and genuine nation, into a state that recognizes its duty to the world community and obligations to all peoples that inhabit land that it occupies.



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