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Is the Keynes Investment Multiplier
Actually a Divider?

Image is courtesy of http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2015/01/08/whats-

A careful and complete examination of Keynes' investment multiplier and the contradictions concerning it is required. If analysts cannot refute the presented arguments, then the "multiplier's" significance may have to be re-evaluated.

Russia Defrosted
Is Russia a Threat to World Peace?A three-part article describes Russia's role in the cruel world.

Part I - Russia and the United States'
presidential election
Despite statements from U.S. intelligence, considering what has been disclosed until July 2017, Russian meddling in the U.S. 2016 presidential election has been greatly exaggerated, and even less than what would be expected.

Part II-Is Putin's government silencing critics?
Unsubstantiated rumors and false information in many reports on deaths of Russian dissidents reduce credibility of their link to Putin's administrations and create doubts to the veracity of similar reports.

Part III-Is Russia a Threat to World Peace?
No matter what Putin's Russia does, it will be viewed as a cold, icy, and heartless lump of land that preys on its neighbors and causes misery to their world. Apply a little warmth, defrost the ice and Russia has another appearance.

Photo is courtesy of:https://www.flickr.com

Optimizing the Federal Corporate Tax Rate

Corporate tax antagonists have chased the wrong rate. Rather than assuming lower rates mean higher GDP, they should determine the optimum, a rate that most benefits the entire economy.

Ojo! More Disasters are Ready to Happen in the Middle East

Image is courtesy of https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/commentaryanalysis/548342-

You do not have to be an insider, a foreign policy expert, or a political pundit to realize that theUnited States, Israel and Saudi Arabia are preparing joint military actions against Iran and Hezbollah.

Simplifying U.S. Proposals to Resolve
World Conflagrations

Part 1- Dem. Rep. of N. Korea
Part II - Syria
Part III - Middle East

le, and they will stop fight




Image courtesy of http://onemiconevoice.com

From Pyongyang to Kabul, Damascus, Sana'a, on to Tripoli and in scattered parts of Asia and Africa, U.S.policies for containing violence have been counterproductive and intensified conflicts.

ART OF THE DEAL - Resolving the Syrian Conflict

Assuredly, there is a deal and a revised scenario for finally resolving the Syrian conflict and bringing peace to the Syrian people.


Does Israel Exist as a Nation State?

Image shows expanded Jewish settlement in West Bank overlooking
Arab village, which is not allowed to expand.

Present diplomatic arrangements are incongruous with composition of the state of Israel. 

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