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Middle East Crisis



More than an Assassination of Qassim Soleimani

Is the reason for the assassination of Qassim Soleimani an act of revenge, or is it one part of an offensive policy of subduing those who could undermine US hegemony in the Middle East?

It is not the non-existent Iranian bomb; it is the other existing bombs

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Tehran senses it is in a no-win situation.  Regardless of its decisions and directions,the centuries old Persian lands will be pulverized

Last Nation Standing - Iran

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Due to US aggressive tactics,
the antagonists to Israel have
fallen, and Iran is the last nation standing.

Does Capitalism Mean War?

Chinese troops attaack in Korea War

Add to the mix, the economic
warfare that has decimated
populations, and the question
"Does Capitalism Mean War?"
leans to a positive answer.


Freedom to Kill. Freedom to be Killed


The COVID-19 epidemic is another example of the U.S. government exercising its freedom to kill, and the U.S. people exercising their freedom
to be killed.

 Trump's Lesser Economy

When a multitude of factors, rather than a few handpicked factors, are considered, during Trump's term in office, U.S. economic progress has been meager, and China’s economic power might have eclipsed that
of the United States.

Is this a Trump Epidemic in the United States?

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Although President Trump attempts to    show that his administration is succeeding in containing the epidemic, an April 22, 2020 report  demonstrated the opposite — the United States had 1/3 of the cases and 1/4 of the deaths worldwide. Could the response be more catastrophic?

Democratic Socialism Will Soon Replace Capitalism 

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Capitalism will slowly evolve into a Democratic Socialist system that will
be able to provide the structures for maintaining democratic substance
and resolving the challenges of a
difficult future.

Democratic Socialism Can Prevent
the Catastrophe

"Better Pink than Sink," is the new slogan for the Democratic and Socialist communities, pushed to leadership in order to prevent Capitalism's latest offering
 -- human extinction.

Demystifying the Mystery
of Debt

image courtesy of Motley Fool

Providing answers to a few questions enables improved understanding of debt, of how it shapes the economic system, and the magnitude of its perceived problem.

Is the Keynes Investment Multiplier Actually a Divider?

A careful and complete examination
of Keynes' investment multiplier
and the contradictions concerning it
is required. If analysts cannot refute the presented arguments, then the "multiplier's" significance may have
to be re-evaluated.

Whom Did Tax Reform

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Characterizations of the Tax Cuts
and Jobs Act
 have followed
agendas – its opponents
maintaining it is a bill for the
wealthy, and its supporters arguing that the bill fairly satisfies all economic levels.
Whom Did Tax Reform Benefit?

Failure of Trump Tax Cuts

Image courtesy of Reuters
President Trump's corporate and
income tax cuts enriched corporations, satisfied those already
employed and
flush with money, and did little to
stimulate the economy.

Remember the Name – Sheikh Jarrah

Sheikh Jarrah has left a permanent imprint on history. The world will long remember the name – Sheikh Jarrah.

The Democratic Party’s Big Mistake - Support for Israel

By improperly attending to the urgent situation in Gaza, the Democratic Party may lose sufficient voters to jeopardize its commanding position in national governance.

Combating the False Anti-antisemites

Attempt by Israel supporters to engineer a self-serving International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism into a tool for silencing legitimate criticism of Israel provoked a series of webinars from those offended by the insidious behavior.

The One State – A Critique

Aware that the One-state is a contentious issue and no plan will satisfy a majority of contenders, Jonathan Kuttab solicited comments to his book, Beyond The Two-State Solution.

Israel as a Criminal Enterprise 

Examination of Zionist behavior supports the label of criminal enterprise.

The One-State - Deposition Before Imposition

One-state cannot be achieved without changing Israel’s legal and administrative structures -  difficult tasks.  Deposition precedes imposition; destroying the framework that supports Israel allows a new foundation for constructing a one-state,the natural state.  

Crisis Solution – Return the Region
to United Nations Resolution 181


If the thesis that Israel views the situation as “all or nothing” is correct, then the world has a choice - allow Israel to gain all, or right the injustices committed by Israel, which means returning to a more proper 1947 Partition Plan 181.

The Steal of the Century

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Touted as a fresh approach to Middle East Peace, the plan is a stale continuation of Israel’s peace policy, which captures Palestinian lands and forces the remaining land holders into a surrounded enclave, where they will be carefully guarded.

Changing Israel
A five-part article presents a refreshing discourse that strives to be original
and add more to the discussion than has already been said.

Part 5
A Changed Israel

Only route to Middle East peace
Finally, falteringly, and with some
strife, the new Israel will be a democratic and just state, composed of a Palestinian majority, and with Jews sharing control of the government and infrastructure.

Israel Promotion of Anti-Semitism
Due to its awkward characterization and specific reference to Jewish people. modern anti-Semitism is a term that has been criticized. Is it a condition, or a response to Israel's oppressive policies toward the Palestinians,

The Failure of Zionism 

Zionism succeeded as a mission and failed as a concept, a failure that might eventually spell doom for the entire Jewish community.

Is Israel a Democracy or a Kleptocracy?

This Israel is not a democracy and never can be -- the rule of law will create another Israel that reverses theft of Palestinian lands, resources, and patrimony, all of which began in 1948, and is proving to be non-ending.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

BDS has been able to gather together those who sympathize with the Palestinian cause and those opposed to Israel actions into a common activity that has captured worldwide attention.





Georgia Election Fraud Video
Exposing Trump Team Deception

Is Trump’s never ending attempt to change the election in his favor a genuine rally to defend U.S. electoral process or is it a scam to enrich his personal spending?

Polling Analysis Favors Biden in Swing States 

The headline in the Oct. 30 USA Today article, read, Polling averages show Trump gaining on Biden in most swing states. Will it be enough? Using USA averages of polling numbers, trend analysis indicates that Joe Biden will win swing states, except for Texas, Ohio, Iowa, and Arizona.

Ill-Considered Candidates
Inept Campaign Strategies

The 2020 presidential election will be remembered as having ill-considered candidates and inept campaign strategies.

Trump Cannot Win, Biden Can Lose

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If Trump wins, America loses all identity, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence become pieces of paper, and Democracy is reduced to a theoretical discussion.
All Americans lose, including Donald Trump.

Democrats are Failing Again
Trump will Sacrifice the Nation to Remain its President


Mix Joe McCarthy, Bernie Madoff, Judas Iscariot, George C. Wallace, and Pinocchio, and Donald Trump will emerge. His deceitful presentations to the public mask the seriousness of the pandemic, criminal negligence by Federal statutes.

Dems are Determined to Have Trump Re-Elected

Democratic Party is engaged in "déjà vu," committed to getting Trump elected again.

America is Now Democratic Socialist
Failure of Neoliberal Free Enterprise

Image courtesy of Market Watch

As of March 2020, the United States is operating as a more than strict Democratic Socialist system,
regulating aspects of American life.
Disappointing  that Democratic Socialists failed to capitalize on this historical moment, which shows a desperate need for Democratic Socialism.

The New Politics of Starvation
An Updated Survey

Image courtesy of The Onion
President Donald Trump's use of
the most vicious
aspects of economic warfare prompt another examination of the politics of starvation.

Illogical Thinking Leading to Illogical Actions

image courtesy of Greater Manchester Skeptics

Preventing the assault on America’s capitol was not exclusively a policing failure; the twisted behavior culminated from inadequate response to Trump and his supporters’ unsubstantiated attacks
on the validity of the 2020 election.

The Film Knives Out
What You See Cannot  be What is  


Knives Out’s twists are conveniently manufactured to engineer a twisting plot. Combine these failures with errors in the film narrative and Knives Out does not satisfy The film can be rescued if what we think we see is not what is actually happening; maybe there is another explanation to “who dunnit.”

Who Checks the Fact

Misreporting The Mueller

Fact Check and Daily Beast
trade agendas for facts and
show why the Mueller
investigation has been

The Media is the Mischief

Media bias can be subtly disguised
and have enormous deleterious effects. Netflix, in a hastily assembled and predictable drama, Bird Box, outlines, in a covert manner, the
effects of the media agenda.

 fits facts to enhance agenda.

The New York Times Betrays Its Readers Again
The New York Times may want to search itself and determine the role it plays in international discords and confusing American voters. How the mighty have fallen.


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