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One Cohen and Two Mountains
The Bergs give a biased interpretation to Mueller’s memorandums.

Image Credit @ Twitter

In a Daily Beast article, commentators Max Bergmann and Sam Berger flip another side of the coin into the fountain of outrageous statements that have emanated from Trump supporters and his antagonists.

The Russians Did It

Image is courtesy of https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-15/was-brexit-putins-also-putins-fault

Russian socially directed activities have not been shown to create additional divisions. However, extensive discussion of alleged Russian interference has greatly added to the existing political and social divides.

Doves Flying Over the Korean Peninsula

Image Source: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Events indicate that the North and South Koreas realize this is the time for them to resolve their difficulties. On sunny days, along the Sea of Japan, flocks of white doves have been observed. Absent for many years, they are becoming the normal condition.

International Bodies Fail to Understand the Middle East Crisis
Part III:
Countering Israel's Deception
Knowledge of the battlefields and recommendations for combating the plan of worldwide deception is essential to a strategy that leads to Israel's economic and social decline and forces it to re-evaluate policies.

Part I:
Trajectory to Total War
Institutions that defend the world community and protect regional interests have failed to understand the Middle East crisis, failed to recognize the dangers posed by the Zionist expansion, and have subverted their constituencies.

Part II: Countering false charges of anti-Semitism and undue attention to the World War II Holocaust
All, directly or indirectly, suffer from Israel's disgraceful use of tragedies that are inflicted upon others to further its interests.

Israel’s Nation State Law Transforms Sovereign States into Tribal Governances
The Middle East crisis is now a more intensified international challenge

Israel’s Nation State Law has established Israel as an atavistic revival to a tribal form of governance, where borders and boundaries are not fixed, and extends to Jews in other nations.

Two separate articles describe the New York Times loss of credibility and betrayal of its readers.
The New York Times Betrays Readers Again

Another Russian Bashing
The New York Times may want to search itself and determine the role it plays in international discords and confusing American voters. How the mighty have fallen.

The New York Times Plots the 2016 Election

By not having facts and logic to support its cases for extensive Russian interference in the 2016 national election, convoluted articles in the respected New York Times (NYT) demonstrate that the media fits facts to enhance its agenda.


Prize winning short story of a Gazan refugee, who returns to his former home in Israel.

Simplifying U.S. Proposals to Resolve
World Conflagrations

Part 1- Dem. Rep. of N. Korea
Part II - Syria
Part III - Middle East

e, and they will stop fight

Image courtesy of http://onemiconevoice.com
From Pyongyang to Kabul, Damascus, Sana'a, on to Tripoli and in scattered parts of Asia and Africa, U.S.policies for containing violence have been counterproductive and intensified conflicts.

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